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ISS serves SNHU by providing support in three broad areas: immigration, transition support and advising, and intercultural learning. We provide immigration services and transition support to international students, scholars, and their dependents, working in tandem with International Admissions, Campus Involvement, Advising, Career Services, Residence Life, and other units on campus to create the best possible experience.


Starting with a comprehensive orientation program when students first arrive, ISS supports the transition of international students to campus and the US by providing immigration advising on maintaining legal status, travel documents, enrollment certification, information about applying for a Social Security number and driver's licenses, practical training assistance and cross-cultural adjustment workshops and counseling for international students to help them succeed at SNHU.


ISS also acts as a resource to SNHU faculty and staff allies on issues of international student immigration, transition, and adjustment.

We also provide opportunities for intercultural learning to the broader campus community by partnering with the student-led International Student Association, various campus departments, and the greater Manchester community. These events include International Education Week, International Women’s Day, the International Gala, intercultural competency training workshops, International Friends, Thanksgiving Hosts, SNHU Cousins, and a host of other activities that provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds to engage in mutual understanding.


The mission of ISS is to cultivate cross-cultural engagement to create a more inclusive and respectful community and we support the unique needs of our international students and scholars.


A campus community that values and exhibits global awareness through intercultural connections.


• Advocacy - We actively promote the interests of SNHU’s international community and encourage our students’ own advocacy skills.

• Intercultural Competence - We understand the role of culture and celebrate cultural differences.

• Ethical Practices - We fairly apply all university policies, state/federal regulations, and professional ethical standards, and assist our students to make ethical choices.

• Collaboration - We partner with others within and outside the SNHU community in pursuit of our mission.

• Respect – We believe in the value and work of all individuals and treat them with kindness and consideration.

Ethical Practices

  • Identify basic regulatory and university policies governing students

  • Locate on-campus resources detailing student-related regulatory and university policies

  • Summarize possible consequences of failure to comply with policies

  • Reflect on their ethical obligations as a student and professional

  • Integrate ethical decision-making and adherence to regulatory and university policies

World Flags

Learning Outcomes

As a result of the work of ISS, students will be able to:

  • Identify their needs to be successful at SNHU

  • Select the appropriate on and/or off-campus resources pertinent to their needs

  • Learn + apply culturally-appropriate advocacy skills necessary to achieve desired goals

  • Evaluate the perspectives and needs of others (i.e. SNHU, DHS, other students, etc. ) vis-à-vis their individual needs

  • Demonstrate advocacy for others in their communities

  • Intercultural Competence

  • Identify one’s own cultural values/customs

  • Recognize similarities and differences between each other’s values/customs

  • Explain the value of a diverse community

  • Engage with and celebrate diverse values/customs of the SNHU community

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