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Study Abroad in Italy

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Interested in spending a semester abroad? Learn more about American University of Rome in Rome, Italy!

The American University of Rome (AUR) sits upon a scenic hilltop offering beautiful views of the historic “Eternal City.” Rome is more than a backdrop at AUR, and the university prides itself on using “Rome as its classroom.” It offers experience-based learning and plenty of extracurricular activities designed to encourage students to explore the rich Italian and Roman cultures.



  • AUR has a 2.70 minimum GPA requirement.

  • Semester, year-long, and summer programs available. Fall Semester: Late August to mid-December. Spring Semester: late January to mid-May. Click here for more details.

Course and Subject Offerings

  • Students are required to take “ITL 100: Introduction to Italian Language and Culture,” unless you have a background in Italian Language. In this case, you may take a higher-level Italian Language course.

  • Art History

  • Archaeology

  • Business Administration (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Law, Marketing, Management, Tourism)

  • Communication

  • English Writing, Literature, and Publishing

  • Fine Arts

  • Film and Digital Media

  • International Relations (Affairs, Political Science, Politics/Religion, Sociology)

  • Italian Studies and Modern Languages (Arabic, Italian Studies/Language/Sociology/Music)

  • Mathematics (Statistics) and Science (Astronomy)

  • For Course Catalog, click here. Then, select from the right-side tab “Undergraduate Course Offering by Area”



Students are housed in off-campus furnished apartments, with double bedroom and a full kitchen, located within walking distance of the AUR campus, or accessible by public transportation. Local Italians may live in the apartment building. To truly immerse yourself into the culture and get to know them, say “Ciao!” For more information, click here.


General Information

  • For information on Internships, click here.

  • For information on Community Service (via Volunteer Club), click here.

  • Click here for information about Sports Clubs.

  • Click here for information about Student Clubs and Activities.



Scholarships are available. Click here for a database of scholarships and contact


The links and information above are subject to change. Please notify us at if you find a broken link or have questions.

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