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Study Abroad in Sweden

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Interested in spending a semester abroad? Learn more about University of Skövde in Skövde, Sweden!

Skövde is a beautiful city of 50,000 with a rich cultural history spanning 600 years. Nestled within its borders is the University of Skövde (UoS), a modern and welcoming university featuring not just a first-class education but internationally competitive research options. The campus is high-tech and well-equipped, with modern laboratories, clinical training centers, computer labs, and more, creating a stimulating learning environment for all students. Students enjoy a personalized relationship with their professors, with an emphasis on constructive performance feedback and student support. Beyond the campus itself is the beautiful Swedish countryside where you will find open fields, scenic forests, and gorgeous lakes. Within an hour you can be in Gothenburg, and in another hour, you can tour the streets of Stockholm. The University of Skövde puts Sweden at your fingertips!



  • Ask the SNHU Study Abroad Office about the minimum GPA requirement.

  • Semester and year-long programs available. Fall Semester: mid-August to early January. Spring Semester: mid-January to mid-June. Click here for a more detailed calendar.

Course and Subject Offerings

  • Business

  • Engineering and Technology

  • Game Design/Development

  • Informatics

  • Swedish Language

  • For Course Catalog, click here. The Course Catalog link is filtered for Undergraduate/Bachelor courses only. Use the filters function to search by “Start semester” or “Area.” Click on a course, and then click “Requirements and syllabus” for more information.



Students are housed off-campus, but within walking distance to campus, in single dorm rooms in four Residence Halls: Xenia, Norra Trängallén, Perenius, and Hasslum. Be sure to check each of their offerings. Click here for more information.


General Information

  • Click here for information on the Student Union.

  • Information about orientation of international students and videos about life at UoS can be found here.

  • Click here for a Fact Sheet with additional information.



Scholarships are available. Click here for a database of scholarships and contact


The links and information above are subject to change. Please notify us at if you find a broken link or have questions.

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